Sunday, January 22, 2012

Unrealistic Expectations!

So you know the unrealistic expectations by the "man" (in my case woman) never ends. So I decide to be a "slave" to my emails and check them and now I find out I have to create an AR (accelerated reader) chart and put it outside my door to display how my kids are scoring. Whoopie!!
Not only that I have to increase my students goals from 6 to 10 when they barely made it to 4 last nine weeks. This is just hilarious to me. She even said that we need to continue to set the goals high but hey when I have some kids that only read books that have 0.5 points (thats if they answer all the questions correctly) I personally think it is setting my kids up for embarrassment.

Anyways after my rant I am of course about to head to Target and get on it because the deadline is Thursday! I will post pictures of my completed display soon!

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