Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Day In My Shoes

I saw this link by Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher and thought it was a great idea to see how much I do in a day since my bf thinks my days are super easy.

6:00am My alarm goes off on my phone and depending on if I fell asleep at a decent hour I slowly roll out of bed.
6:02-6:25 Handle bathroom needs, including fall asleep in the shower at least twice.
6:25-6:50 Iron clothes which I should have done the night before like my mother taught me but that's not the case at the moment. Eat breakfast, look for shoes and get dressed.
6:50-7:00 Do my hair. 
7:00-7:20 Make a mad dash out the door to get to Publix and get lunch if I didn't cook the night before.
7:20 Supposed to be at work but I am waking him up to drop me to work or kissing him goodbye.
7:22 Waltz into the school since I only live around the corner (a plus!)
7:23-7:50 Sign in, check mailbox, check emails, write today's planner and turn the elmo and projector on, write the CBC on the board, get Truimphs Intervention items ready for the day, check that all centers are ready to go and change the center chart (if I don't the kids will surely remind me ughh)
7:50-8:05 Talk to my neighboring teachers and make sure their is nothing I missed when they talked to each other.
8:05 Let the kids in and be bombarded with questions and listen to what happened to them the night before
8:07-8:15 Announcements, the late breakfast kids trickle in, students copy their planner, unpack bookbags and make sure everyone put their homework in their bookbag, Take attendance, check emails again
8:15-8:45 Intervention (Triumphs!) Convince my other kids to go to a center and not walk around the room aimlessly because the center they wanted was taken and get my Lions group to all go to the same center (no matter what day it is they never want to work together)
8:45-9:15 Whole group reading using the SRA Imagine It! curriculum. I like it way more than Houghton Mifflin
9:15-10:15 Small groups which consists of teaching the school wide focus and trying to fit guided reading in while the others are at centers and the kids fighting over wanting to use my computer and especially the laptop since we don't have enough student computers.
10:15-10:45 "Physical Activity" a.k.a Recess but recess is a forbidden word at my school
10:45-11:15 Language Arts which includes my students constantly begging for me to hurry the writing lesson so I can teach them cursive (they have to learn to sign at least their name according to me even though penmanship has been abandoned in schools even though it is a state standard) 
11:15-11:20 Clean up, line up for lunch, get the math lesson ready for after lunch (bell to bell scheduling unrealistic but you try to follow the rules)
11:20-11:25 Try to make it to lunch on time and convince the kids that decide to tie their shoes once we leave the classroom to make it down the hall.
11:25-11:50 My 25 minutes to scarf down my lunch, chat with my second grade team as they are trickling out of the lounge within my first 10 minutes, try to remember to use the bathroom, check mailbox, check emails and pick up the kiddies on time. Listen to who bothered who and who hit who in the cafeteria like their aren't cafeteria monitors for the kids to tell 
11:50-12:50 Math Time (the biggest time crunch of my day) Teach the lesson as a whole group, independent practice for about 10 minutes, 5 minute quiz, math centers
12:50-1:10 Science or Social Studies depending on the day of the week
1:10-1:20 Grab book bags, Feed Max (the class bunny), Pass out planners, listen kids begging to go to the treasure box, stack chairs, clean the room
1:20-2:10 Supposed to be my planning time but who actually has time to plan? Sit in meetings/workshops/training, listen to the other "entertaining" days of my co-workers
2:10-2:22 Pick up kids from specials, make sure everyone has a book to read for AR, pencils sharpened, check emails, stamp planners or write notes for my "overactive" students
2:22-2:27 Have kids switch with the teacher next door and I take my set of walkers and car riders out
2:27-2:45 Run the second grade car rider spot since I know all the cars for each of them
2:45-2:50 Check mailbox, check emails, clean up my tables, make a mad dash for the door before anyone stops me to have a long conversation like they aren't tired too!
2:50-bedtime Check more emails, surf the web for games that I can play with the students based on the school-wide focus, cook dinner, catch up on my DVR shows, be woken up from the couch to go to bed by him.

That's pretty much my day in a nutshell.

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