Tuesday, May 1, 2012


So it's day 2 here at the IRA conference and I am having a good time. The part that I think everyone likes to here is they giveaway free stuff. I just couldn't believe how much stuff I walked away with today. I spent 2 1/2 hours (yes I said hours :-) ) in the exhibit hall. I was able to meet a new up in coming author, Courtney Shienmel and have an autographed copy to show my kiddies!

Image of Courtney Sheinmel  Stella Batts: Needs a New Name

The line for R.L. Stine was extremely long so I couldn't get to him. There were many authors all around.
The main theme at almost all the booths were Common Core which make me a little apprehensive about starting it next year but I spoke to an Imagine It rep and she told me the eSuite that we use will have the CCS associated with it online soon.
I attended a few sessions that were good and some that made me feel like I was sitting in a data meeting at work! I attended a session on the DAILY 5 but all they kept saying was read the book, read the book, procedure, procedure....if I needed a reminder of classroom management I would have chosen a workshop on that. Hopefully the 2 sisters are more informative.
Chicago is a very historic city. The architecture on the buildings and a lot of us going WOW!! I really think if you had the opportunity to attend next year in San Antonio, TX you should jump on it. It is a great enlightening experience. It is also a great place to network.