Monday, January 23, 2012

Rollercoaster Day

Today was such a crazy day!
I had to take Max (the class bunny) back to work with his new cage. Which took up the entire backseat! Good things I don't have kids.
Its Report Card Conference Week, mind you we do it with out report cards until Friday. What sense does that make? Woohoo!!
First meeting was at 7:30AM. With one of those blame it on the teacher parents. WHAT was I thinking?
So now I have to give the monster little darling extra tasks around the room to keep him occupied.
Then I finally made my file folder activities to put on the laminating table since were not allowed to laminate ourselves at this school HA!
Centers were interesting explaining the new BOGGLE area.
My kids loved the BOGGLE game thanks to all the people who posted about it.
No recess cause I had to work on Fountas and Pinell testing! UGH!! What fun LOL.
Good things my students are making gains because our FAIR scores were good but not accurate.
Language Arts came and went.
Due to our new AR crunch for points I had to have the kids read practically every free minute of the day including lunch. The poor little babies were so engrossed in their book some of them didn't finish eating/barely ate at all.
MATH was quick as it could possibly be since my students understood equal parts "in a snap" or "like that" *snaps fingers* (its a inside class joke).
We played addition and subtraction Top-It, thanks to TpT I finally understood what Top-It meant ( don't judge me)
We learned about energy in Science and if anyone has any great activities for this please let me know.
Specials flew by while I spent it running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get things ready for the week. Not much was accomplished because I stopped to talk to my mentor and ran out of time.

Worked the car rider line......I felt like I was burning up. In Florida the weather makes no sense.
And guess what I had 4 meeting scheduled after school and only 2 showed up, but only two showed up which is great odds compared to the last nine weeks conferences (not to many supportive parents at this school which has its bonuses but pitfalls)
After all that I roamed around Michael's trying to think of a craft idea to make for my friends at our gift exchange this weekend.
How did your day go?

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